Preserving and Protecting the Silver Valley

The Silver Valley Community Resource Center is a 35-year-old non-profit organization founded in 1986. The first meeting took place at the VFW Hall in Osburn, Idaho. More than 25 church, union, social justice and affected citizens devised a Mission Statement, to care about quality of life for all people, especially those living in the Silver Valley of North Idaho; “empowering affected citizens to make change through grassroots education, outreach, focusing on issues of environmental and human health”

Old Mission of Sacred Heart
Old Mission of Sacred Heart
Old Mission Toxic Waste Dump
One day of flooding sent 160 metric tons of lead downstream to the CDA River into the Spokane River of Washington State. US/GS Source

Old Mission toxic waste dump flood waters rising again.

“US/GS measures 160 metric tons of lead washed downstream from the Old Mission Toxic Waste Dump

the first year tons of contamination were dumped there.

SVCRC and thousands of affected citizens demand the site be shut down immediately!

To stop the dangerous downstream pollution to the Coeur d’Alene river and our children.

For more details contact the SVCRC office

Read about the Children Run Better Unleaded Project in The Fig Tree, Oct. 2021 in link below

“Comprehensive, Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act, CERCLA, listing initiates a lengthy and often expensive process which does not always result in cost effective or timely remediation of sites… COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT would give communities, who are inherently more familiar with Superfund site… the opportunity for input. This input would help the EPA to narrow the focus of cleanup possibilities. I remain committed to working with community groups to ensure that we can reach agreeable solutions. COMMUNITIES NEED TO BE INFORMED EARLY AND ON A CONTINUED BASIS, THEIR INPUT MUST HAVE REAL IMPACT, AND THEY MUST BECOME AN INHERENT AND INDISPENSIBLE ASPECT OF SITE REMEDIATION” Sen. Crapo avows full support of listening to SVCRC. Meeting with Elliott Laws former Assistant Administrator EPA in the Silver Valley.

If we don’t take care of the valley, who will?

Coastal temperate rainforests once covered 1% of the Earth. Now, less than half now remains. And out of the original 1.9 million acres of redwood forest – only 106,000 acres of old-growth forest are standing, less than 5% remain.

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