Silver Valley Action

The Silver Valley Community Resource Center has a long history of advocacy and service to the citizens of the Silver Valley. The mission of the SVCRC is assist all person living in the Silver Valley, that area beginning at the Montana, Idaho border and ending to the west at the 4th of July Pass to resolve issues of housing/homelessness, inadequate health care, economic development and environmental injustice. The organization has extensive collaboration with its members, consultants, and skilled and experienced staff. It has a highly functioning board of directors who conduct wide referrals and outreach especially to the medical community in the local and wider regional providers and clinics. 

SVCRC views social change as leveling the playing field, creating equal distribution of the rights, resources, equating to improved quality of life for all persons living in the nations largest lead Superfund site in a company town where all loyalty is demanded by the rich powerful special interests who live far away from the area.

Social Change

 The SVCRC specializes in environmental issues by advocating for human health interventions, grassroots organizing, leadership development, and education/outreach specific to civil/human rights. We do this to turn back the devastation inflicted upon the many communities and thousands of vulnerable lives affected by man  made environmental disasters. 

Environmental Justice


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