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SVCRC wants to begin a new emphasis of building the Children Run Better Unleaded project. Which is the only lead health intervention taking place in the 2 state, 1500 sq. mile Superfund site. 

If there is any family whose child has been tested by the panhandle health district with an Elevated lead level would they please come forward, contact the SVCRC to share what phd did to inform them of the laws pertaining to lead poisoned children? Being able to work together with the successful SVCRC Children Run Better Unleaded project would be a goal the organization and its members, health care providers have been working toward for years.

Silver Valley Action  

Read this excellent new article by Emily Benson in the High Country News: A dangerous cocktail threatens the gem of North Idaho
Upstream mining has left a toxic legacy at the bottom of Coeur d’Alene Lake.

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The Silver Valley Community Resource Center  would like to thank Resist,  a foundation that supports people’s movements and liberation for recent contributions to our work.



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