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Besides children Swans and pelicans  are very susceptible to lead
contamination in the Old Mission slough along I-90

National Lead Awareness Day

   Oct. 25th - Oct. 31st

"A Small Dose of Toxicology" FREE 3rd edition

Wanted to wish you happy holiday and let you know that I am launching the FREE 3rd edition of my book "A Small Dose of Toxicology" with several new chapters and all other chapters revised.  Understanding the basics of toxicology  is critical world wide and to help achieve this goal "A Small Dose of Toxicology" has been translated into Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, and German.  Download from


Dr. Steve Gilbert, PhD, DABT, Silver Valley Community Resource Center advocate has forwarded a link to his latest book.


It contains a chapter on lead which can be downloaded separately.

Everyone who lives in the Bunker Hill Superfund Site can take away important information related to the demands, the shutdown of the Old Mission Toxic Waste site and acquiring settlement funds for the Community Lead Health Clinic, providing reparation to generations of families who are living with chronic lead health conditions.

“All  the best and  happy new year — I look forward to coming for a visit  once things settle down”.

Read this excellent new article by Emily Benson in the High Country News: A dangerous cocktail threatens the gem of North Idaho
Upstream mining has left a toxic legacy at the bottom of Coeur d’Alene Lake.

Immediate action alert.

Gov. Little has designated a third party review of the Lake Coeur d’Alene, Coeur d’Alene Tribe management cleanup solutions being ignored by EPA. Dec. 2019 CDA Press

Contact, Gov. Little’s office at 208-334-2100, email: Governor@gov.Idaho.gov call for a meeting in the Silver Valley (with Shoshone County Commissioners), Jake Garrigner, Gov. N.I. for inclusion of two solutions supported by thousands of those living in the Bunker Hill Superfund site, national groups and mandated by EPA laws: (See some facts)

Shut down of the Old Mission Toxic Waste Dump as downstream contamination continues to create lead risk exposure to children, recreationists, wildlife and the environment to the CD’A River, CD’A Lake before flowing into Spokane River onto the Columbia River.

Settlement funds for the Community Lead Health Clinic/Center

EPA’s mission: To clean up the environment and protect human health.

Reasons why the Governor needs to meet with citizens from the Bunker Hill Superfund site

EPA CERCLA Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation Liability Act law mandates community involvement. EPA Environmental Justice Division advocates the fair treatment, meaningful involvement of all people with respect to development implementation and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations and policies.

President’s Executive Order, No. 12898 Environmental Justice, mandates the inclusion of in Minority and Low-Income Populations.

“During extreme past exposure (of lead) 80% of the children exhibited blood lead levels that are associated with adverse neurobehavioral development which persists into young adulthood. This too supports a concern about a presently disadvantaged adult population. TAG Executive Summary 1999.

Still to this day the hardworking, dedicated men and women keep fighting being suppressed, threatened and fighting back for their quality of life, their children and the future. Barbara Miller/SVCRC 30+ year Director, Community Organizer, Lead Health expert.

This has not been done, on behalf of the men, women and children living in the BHSS we are demanding to be heard. “We are lead poisoned, through no fault of our own. The community supports the establishment of the Community Lead Health Clinic/Center and shut down of the Old Mission Repository” Silver Valley BHSS resident lead poisoned as a child living under the smelter smokestacks.\

More Facts not being told to the public

ConocoPhillips, Homeland Security explore pipeline leak of Yellowstone Pipeline situated a thousand feet North of the Old Mission Toxic Waste dump. Associated Press, 2011

In one day of flooding, “160 metric tons of lead delivered to Lake CDA. US/GS, KEA Blog”

2019 10,000 truckloads of contaminated waste hauled to toxic dumps in Silver Valley. CDA Basin Commission Newsletter, Nov. 2019

Reg. Ten staff “the water is cleaner as it flows from the Mission Repository” A Freedom of Information request to EPA never produced any documentation for this hearsay.

SVCRC begins to educate the public not EPA of the 20 acre toxic dump built at the Old Mission, this initiates a 30 day public comment period, beginning June 6, 2007 (long after EPA/IDEQ made the decision to construct the toxic waste site). June 25, 2007 ten days before the comment period was to end, heavy equipment begins destroying the site.

Upper Columbia River Sierra Club, “why seek public comment on this project if IDEQ is already implementing it” Sierra Club requests that all action at this site immediately cease. July 2007

Other Violations: Historic Landmark Preservation Section 106 (the Mission of the Sacred Heart is a National Landmark)

“There are no appropriate repositories to hold proposed amounts of excavated materials and establishing them in the basin will probably be extremely difficult….the long term effectiveness of proposed remedial actions is severely limited by frequent flooding events in the basin and their potential to recontaminate” National Academy of Science Study of BHSS, 2005.

Citizens want to know about their safety and sink holes in I-90 at water treatment facility at the Central Impoundment Area toxic waste dump Bunker Ave. Exit, Kellogg, ID

Settlement funds for Community Lead Health Clinic/Center

Outlined prepared by SVCRC, (formerly ICN) for Community Lead Health Clinic/Center 1992

“The US EPA has not rejected their proposal” Correspondence, Congressman Larry LaRocco to Reg. Ten EPA Administrator

SVCRC establishes Children Run Better Unleaded Project, 2017 implementing the US District Court, Idaho order to test children for lead. The only proactive intervention taking place in the BHSS.

Where and why is there no data lead testing results of children since testing began in 1974? SVCRC asks on behalf of families, ATSDR, Agency for Toxic Substance Disease Registry, Soil shop project. Sept. 2018\

80% of 252 Households in Silver Valley support the SVCRC’s Community Lead Health Clinic/Center. 2003 Community Survey, CHEJ/SVCRC

National Academy of Science BHSS Study National Academy of Science, “National Research Council, found that the Human Health Risk Assessment presented aggregate data on childhood blood lead screening of 0-9 yrs. at the Bunker Hill Superfund site and the information was misleading.” “Links of human exposure data to clean up expectations have not been supported by specific scientific information.” 2005

“How settlement funds are spent involves separate processes with their own opportunities for public input” Judge Lodge Hecla Lawsuit 2011. SVCRC has written to Reg. Ten asking for the process and been ignored.

Approximately a half a billion dollars just in settlement funds have been allocated by the agency.

Affected citizens have received, $0.

Contact SVCRC and let us know you made the contact. Thank you.

A dangerous cocktail threatens the gem of North Idaho

SVCRC wants to begin a new emphasis of building the Children Run Better Unleaded project. Which is the only lead health intervention taking place in the 2 state, 1500 sq. mile Superfund site. 

If there is any family whose child has been tested by the panhandle health district with an Elevated lead level would they please come forward, contact the SVCRC to share what phd did to inform them of the laws pertaining to lead poisoned children? Being able to work together with the successful SVCRC Children Run Better Unleaded project would be a goal the organization and its members, health care providers have been working toward for years.

Silver Valley Action  

The Silver Valley Community Resource Center


Children Run Better Unleaded











The Silver Valley Community Resource Center  would like to thank Resist,  a foundation that supports people’s movements and liberation for recent contributions to our work.



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